Municipal Representation

Thaler & Thaler’s experience in municipal and administrative law goes back over 5 decades and representation has covered counties, villages, towns, intermunicipal agencies, and public authorities throughout Central New York and the Finger Lakes Region.  This area of practice also covers all forms of administrative and governmental law, from public works projects, prevailing wage issues, liquor licenses and permits, environmental permit violations, charitable regulation, gaming and gambling laws and permits, and a host of related permits and issues under New York law.

Municipal law, as a practice area, runs the gamut from zoning and land use, to subdivisions and dedications, highway law to law enforcement and prosecutions, public parks and historic and wetland preservation, from personnel and civil service issues to employment claims and personnel policies, from tax and complex special district and utility rules to environmental law, SEQRA reviews, and farming and agricultural laws. The firm has handled just about all areas in this field, including telecommunications law, annexation and consolidations, wind farming, labor and union negotiations, and related complex municipal matters.

Thaler & Thaler has extensive experience drafting resolutions and legislation at all levels of government and complexity, including local laws and ordinances.  Along with drafting experience also comes extensive experience interpreting, defending, applying, and enforcing local laws and codes.

So, why use Thaler & Thaler? 

Choosing an attorney for a municipal matter, or as municipal counsel (either as the primary attorney or as special counsel) is an important decision. Choosing counsel already familiar with the law and rules that impact your situation and needs saves time and money. An attorney with the advantage of knowledge and experience is far more efficient and nimble in response to any need or problem, and is better equipped to develop, manage, and implement a strategy over the short or long term.  In short – experience saves time, money, and produces a better result.

The firm’s principal municipal practitioner is Guy K. Krogh.